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November 30, 2010

christmas bells Bananagrams                                      

Word games have always been fun for young and old thoughout our history. And nothing has changed about that today. Bananagrams brings that same pleasure for playing word games today that older style word games did in the past.

The nice thing about the word game Bananagrams of today is it requires no pen or paper and it can be played in as little as five minutes. Not to mention that it is sooo much fun to play.

Bananagrams is a truly portable game which makes it great for travel.

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The Game Bananagrams

A single Bananagrams game is designed for 2 to 8 players. But, there are 2 set games available if you have more players. For instance, Bananagrams are popular in schools and summer programs and you would probably have a need for the 2 set version in these environments.

The banana like pouch is referred to as the "BUNCH". It contains 144 tiles. Each player takes a certain number of tiles (set by the number of players). To start the game one of the players says "SPLIT" and then all players are allowed to turn their own tiles up and the game begins. The players begin to create their own collection of intersecting and connecting words.

The words that they create may be vertical or horizontal, and read left to right. The player can rearrange his or her own words as often as they like. Players play independently or each other and at the same time, and do not have to take turns.

Sometimes referred to as the banana game for short, bananagrams are used to help children boost their word power.

Not only is this a great, educational toy for your child at Christmas, contributing some sets to your child's school, church or summer program is also a great idea.

Portable Word Game

Bananagrams name comes from the banana-shaped bag which holds the tiles. This small pouch makes it really easy to take wherever you go. It's a really popular Christmas gift because of its small, easy, on the go feature. In addition, it helps fill your children's time whereever you go; while traveling on long trips, in resturants, at your parent's house or when the weather requires play at home indoors.

It is easy to break out and use to entertain friends and after dinner. It is also nice to give yourself or children a break for a quick witted challenge. Bananagrams are so engaging for all age groups.

If you like scrabble, you will love Bananagrams. Unlike scrabble, with this word game you are reward for speed and flexibilty in playing the game. A player can start over from the beginning or they can just change out a letter or two. The object of the game is to not get caught with spare pieces when the opposing player goes out.

To Buy Banangrams

Amazon shows a 5 star review rating for Bananagrams. As you know popular Christmas toys sell out quickly so mark this Christmas Gift off your list today. If Amazon is "Sold Out", there are some equally good deals on Ebay in their "Buy It Now" offerings.


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